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Baby Bassinets

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Hospital Standard Baby Bassinets

Keep your baby where you can see her wherever you are at home. Our hospital standard baby bassinets make it easy to transport your sleeping baby from room to room and are the same bassinets used in most Australian hospitals. Their multi-purpose makes it convenient for sleeping, bathing and changing your baby, allowing life to be that much easier for busy new parents. Our baby bassinets are stable due to their smooth wheel locking casters and are extremely easy to clean; ensuring the bassinet is mobile, hygienic and safe for both you and your baby. Between customers, all bassinets are sanitised and inspected for defaults. Find out more below.

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Features / Benefits

  • Stainless steel frame
  • Sturdy wheels and lockable brakes
  • Clear bassinet capsule providing visibility of your baby at all times
  • Ability to elevate one end for babies suffering from issues such as reflux
  • Waterproof covered mattress
  • Handy trays to store essentials like baby wipes, nappies and wraps
What do I cover the mattress with?

Standard size cotton pillowslips will slip over the mattress. You can then use wraps to swaddle your baby or bassinet size sheets and blankets, ensuring they are tucked in firmly.

Precautions and use

Always apply brakes to the baby bassinet when you have relocated it to another room.
Never leave your baby in the bassinet bath unattended.
Make sure the bassinet mattress is not in the elevated position when moving your baby from room to room.
Your baby should sleep in a cot when they are able to roll or sit unassisted.
Most times, you will find your baby will only fit into a standard hospital bassinet for the first couple of months of her life.


$75 / per month

Maternity Packages
Hire a baby bassinet with any breast pump and
get the bassinet for $65/month, SAVING $10/month.

Please call us to discuss terms, conditions, and delivery / collection options.

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