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Ameda Elite

Proven Airlock Protection

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Ameda Elite Breast Pump

The Ameda Elite is a hospital-grade pump designed to be more adjustable than other pumps. This microprocessor-controlled pump allows mothers to ‘follow their flow’ to find the most effective pump settings for them and their baby each time. It is a durable yet lightweight pump, proven by research to be effective at establishing milk supply. We provide Ameda Elite breast pump hire with 24/7 technical assistance provided. Find out more below.

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Why hire a hospital grade Ameda Elite pump?

Hospital grade breast pumps, like the Ameda Elite, are designed for daily frequent pumping. They have stronger motors that provide greater suction and more efficient pumping. Because you may not need a pump long-term, it can be more affordable to hire on a monthly basis. If you have low milk supply, a premature baby, a baby that is unable to breastfeed, or if you have twins and need to produce double quantities a hospital-grade pump is the best way to go.

Features / Benefits
  • Hospital-grade performance
  • Suction strength adjustability as well as cycling speed variation provides maximum comfort and simulates the natural feeding patterns of babies
  • Patented Hygieni-kit milk collection system helps mothers provide the purest milk to their babies
  • Proven airlock protection keeps milk and moisture from entering narrow, hard-to-clean tubing while pumping
  • No confusing reprogramming and no need for tubing inspection or care.
  • Single or double pumping
  • Compact, lightweight (2.7 kg)
  • Piston-driven for effective pumping – According to pump experts, piston pumps are more effective at expressing milk than diaphragm pumps
  • Individually adjustable controls – cycle speed and suction controls can be adjusted independently so you can set your pump to mimic your baby’s natural nursing rhythm
  • Built-in bottle holders
CustomControl™ Feature

Ameda Elite’s CustomControl™ Feature offers dual adjustability with separate speed and suction dials for the best results every time. This makes it possible for you to keep the pump set on your maximum comfortable suction level while varying the pump’s speed to more quickly trigger the first, second, third and subsequent milk ejections. Its ‘whisper quiet’ operation contributes to a comfortable pumping experience.

Airlock Protection

The Ameda Elite is designed to work with any of the Ameda HygieniKit® MilkCollection Systems. The Ameda kit’s Proven Airlock Protection™ keeps tubing dry by preventing air flow between the expressed milk and pump tubing while pumping. There’s no need to clean the narrow tubing and the milk stays pure. The HygieniKit is made without BPA and DEHP.

Dual Bottle Holders

Ameda Elite’s built-in dual bottle holders securely hold bottles upright and support Store ‘N Pour™ milk storage bags or smaller containers by breast flange rims to help prevent spills.

Technical Specifications

Unit weight: 2.8kg
Vacuum: 30 mmHg – 250 mmHg
Cycles: 30 – 60 cycles per minute (cpm)
Power Supply: Power Cord


$25 / week. Minimum hire 1 month. Ph: 1300 726 666

Each Ameda Elite pump requires a kit for purchase. $69.95
Includes: collection bottles, flanges, filters, valves, tubing

Please call us to discuss terms, conditions, and delivery/collection options.

Returning Equipment?

Simply click here to return your product either by courier or ParcelPoint.

Rent from $25/week

Minimum hire 4 weeks.

NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED. Conditions apply.

SAME DAY DELIVERY Sydney metro if ordered before 11am. Conditions apply.

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Our service representatives have a wealth of knowledge about our products and how they may suit you.

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