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Medela Symphony Breast Pump Hire

The Medela Symphony breast pump is a hospital-grade pump available for home rental.

Rates start from $32.50/week. (4 weeks minimum rental).

This product is ideal for long-term and frequent pumping needs. The Medela Symphony breast pump has breakthrough 2-Phase Expression pumping to simulate the natural rhythm of a baby. It is proven to reduce pumping time through faster let-down and milk flow and remove as much milk as a breastfeeding baby.

Find out more below, including our convenient pick-up locations.

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Convenient pick-up locations

Pick up your Medela Symphony breast pump from one of these convenient hospital pharmacies:


Medi-Rent showroom, 61 Beauchamp Rd, Matraville

Mater Hospital – North Sydney

Norwest Private Hospital, Bella Vista

Prince of Wales Private Hospital, Randwick

Sydney South West Private Hospital, Liverpool

Westmead Private Hospital, Westmead

Newcastle Private Hospital, New Lambton


John Fawkner Private Hospital, Brunswick

Knox Private Hospital, Wantirna

St Vincents Private Hospital, Fitzroy


Ashford Hospital, Ashford

Calvary North Adelaide Hospital, North Adelaide


Sunnybank Private Hospital, Sunnybank



St John of God Midland Hospital, Midland

Why hire a hospital grade Medela Symphony pump?

Hospital grade breast pumps, like the Medela Symphony, are designed for daily frequent pumping. They have stronger motors that provide greater suction and more efficient pumping. Because you may not need a pump long-term, it can be more affordable to hire on a monthly basis. If you have low milk supply, a premature baby, a baby that is unable to breastfeed, or if you have twins and need to produce double quantities a hospital-grade pump is the best way to go.


Medela Breast pump hire from $32.50/week. Minimum 1 month hire.
When renting a breast pump you will need to purchase a Medela Symphony kit – $69.95
Includes: collection bottles, flanges, filters, valves, tubing

Maternity Packages
Hire a bassinet with any Medela Symphony breast pump and receive a discount on your bassinet.

Please call us to discuss terms, conditions, and delivery / collection options.

Natural Pumping with 2-Phase Expression

With input from the University of Western Australia, Medela has developed 2-Phase Expression Technology, which imitates the natural sucking behaviour of babies at the mother’s breast. This stimulates the flow of milk, meaning that more breast milk can be pumped in less time; a fact which studies and hospitals have confirmed.

Pump Breastmilk Safely and Comfortably

The Medela Symphony breast pump ensures that you can pump breast milk comfortably thanks to its special Comfort Flow Zone. This is particularly gentle on extremely sensitive breast tissue and makes it ideal for expressing breast milk regularly over a longer period.

Why do I need to choose the vacuum level every use?

The Medela Symphony breast pump is pre-set to always start at the minimum vacuum level (50 mmHg). This ensures that the breast pump always starts at a comfortable vacuum level. You may not wish to start expressing milk at the same vacuum level every day, as breast sensitivity can alter on a daily basis. Always starting at minimum vacuum level allows adjustment to be made to breast sensitivity and helps ensure maximum comfort.

What happens in case of an overflow into the tubing?

Should an overflow occur, the milk will be collected by the unique overflow protection system of the Medela Symphony. Membrane cap and protective membrane can be easily removed and cleaned. These two parts belong to your personal kit.

Why does the high vacuum level still feel weak in comparison to the suction of my baby?

The purpose of the Medela Symphony breast pump is not to replace the baby but to provide the most comfortable and efficient way of pumping breastmilk when for whatever reason the baby cannot be at the breast. This maximum efficiency does not necessarily imply the same suction power as the baby.

What should I do if my milk is already flowing when I start pumping?

Use the individual setting and press the “let-down” button to directly use the expression mode.

What is the best method to double pump?

Double pumping is time saving and very efficient. The following technique can be used to keep one hand free:
Position one milk bottle on the breast, e.g. the right breast, and hold it with the crook of your right arm. Place the other bottle on the other breast and hold it with the hand of your right arm, while your left arm remains free to adjust the vacuum, press the let-down button or hold a book.


Returning Equipment?

Simply click here to return your product either by courier or ParcelPoint.

Rent from $32.50/week

Minimum hire 1 month.

NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED Conditions apply.

SAME DAY DELIVERY Sydney metro if ordered before 11am. Conditions apply.

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