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For Customers

Yes, we supply most of our goods Australia and NZ-wide. The only exception is the CPM – please contact us for further information for this product. Most products are sent by courier unless you arrange pick-up from our warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or Auckland.

Medi-Rent will facilitate the entire billing process, whether it be through the hospital, directly with a customer, or a third party funding body e.g. insurance, DVA, NDIS etc.

We accept credit cards, and Visa or Mastercard debit cards.

Please visit the specific product page on this website for FAQs relevant to your product.

If you think the product has a fault, please call us and we can put you through to the service department to troubleshoot the issue. If you cannot get through to our customer service agents, please leave a message and we will return your call ASAP.

Yes, we charge a delivery fee or freight for all products. Please call us for a quote.
Delivery times are based on your location. For bookings made in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or Auckland first thing in the morning, we endeavour to dispatch the same day. Pick-up is also available from our warehouses in these cities for urgent bookings. Inter-state and regional deliveries are dependent on courier timetables.
All products come with a manual and in most cases a quick set up guide. You may visit the product pages of this website to view set-up videos as well. Please call our customer service representatives during business hours for any questions you may have about your device. It is important that your treating clinician specify settings and therapy times for some of our products including cryotherapy, compression pumps, CPM and the bone growth stimulator. If they do not specify settings particular to your condition your device will arrive with standard factory settings. Referral sheets are available for clinicians on this website to facilitate personalising your treatment.
We offer a rental service to give customers the option to try before they buy, but in many cases these products may only be needed short term. We offer a purchase option on some of our products and in those cases your initial rental charges (up to three months) may be discounted off the purchase price. Please call us for further information.
Your rental will roll over on a monthly basis until you let us know you are either returning, subscribing or purchasing your device. You will receive an email notification of these options before three months arises. If you decide to purchase, we are not able to discount further months of rent paid after the third month, as per our Rent-Try-Buy policy. The rental contract is not to be mistaken for a pay-off plan.
As we are a rental company, we cannot guarantee a brand-new unit for rental customers. We will send what stock we have available at the time of the order. All equipment is cleaned and tested between the rentals and if purchased customers receive 2-years of warranty from the date of purchase. The only way to guarantee a brand-new unit is to purchase one without renting first.
If you would like to use our Rent-Try-Buy Scheme, you purchase the equipment you are renting. You can return your rental equipment and purchase a brand-new device, but we are then unable to offer the discounted months’ rent from the purchase price. It would be treated as a new purchase.
The product you rent from us is considered yours until you tell us otherwise. Rental payments roll-over automatically month-to-month. When you are ready to return your product, please let us know two business days in advance.
All equipment is cleaned and disinfected between each client usage to ensure that it adheres to Australian and NZ healthcare standards. In addition to our rigorous methods, our facilities are regularly tested by an independent laboratory to ensure cleanliness and safety. Prior to any equipment being delivered, we perform a service and safety check to ensure proper functionality and risk-free usage.

For Clinicians

We pride ourselves on supplying products backed by clinical evidence. Please subscribe to our Learning Hub where you can access education modules, research paper summaries, case studies and webinar recordings. If what you need is not here, please be in touch and one of our clinical advisors can provide you with the information you need.

Please subscribe to our Learning Hub where you can access education modules on clinical application. Also available here are a range of resources, including settings guides, that describe how to optimise treatment for your client. If what you need is not here, please be in touch and one of our clinical advisors can provide you with the information you need.

Please visit our funding page for information on third party funding providers that we work with including a description of the process for each. Our customer service representatives are well versed on how to apply to these organisations.
We have a knowledgeable team of clinical advisors who are happy to provide you with one-on-one consultation either in person, over the phone or by online meeting. We provide inservices to clinics and hospitals and are very involved with education events and conferences in our industry. These are great opportunities to try products first-hand on the trade booth.

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