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Find out how Medi-Rent products have positively affected our clients’ management of their health conditions.

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Jan’s Story

“It has given me so much confidence, that I’m doing something extra.”

Jan uses her LF900 compression pump with a foam product underneath to soften tissue in her arm.

Janine’s Story

"I see me using the pump forever."

Find out how Janine uses the LF900 compression pump to manage her lipoedema symptoms.

Marilyn’s Story

“It’s helping to soften my arm if I’m getting any build-up.”

Find out how Marilyn uses the LF900 compression pump in combination with her other lymphoedema management techniques.

Moyra’s Story

“I wouldn’t be without it now, I really wouldn’t.”

Moyra has had several fractures in her arm making her dexterity and range of motion limit donning compression garments. The LF900 has been a great alternative for her to manage her oedema.

Patricia’s Story

“And then I said, I have my ankles back!”

Patricia has been using the LF900 compression pump to improve the lymphoedema in her legs with great results.

Sue’s Story

“My leg’s getting softer and softer.”

Find out how Sue has used the LF900 to continue to improve the oedema in her legs post-liposuction.

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