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Rent-Try-Buy Terms

Important Information About our Rent-Try-Buy Offer

Please take a moment to read over the information below to ensure you fully understand what options are available to you under this offer.

This offer may vary from time to time however the terms applicable of the offer available to you are those that were current at the time of commencement of your rental.


The Rent-Try-Buy offer is available to customers who have rented the LF900 or Bio Compression SIPC Systems from Medi-Rent for a period of at least one month at the full rental price and who have made payments for said rental in full and on time.

The offer:

The Rent-Try-Buy offer allows you to purchase the device and garments that you are renting for a discounted price. This discounted price offered is the current advertised purchase price minus the number of months you have been renting the equipment up to a maximum of three months (not including additional garments or extensions).

Accepting this offer:

If you would like to take advantage of this offer, you will need to call us on AU 1300 726 666 or NZ 0800 725 555 and speak with a customer service representative or email us at You are under no obligation to take up this offer, and as such, if you do not contact us to purchase the equipment then your monthly rental will continue.

The rental agreement is for a month-to-month rental and the equipment can be purchased at any time during the rental, however the discount is capped at three months. The offer only applies to the compression pump that you are currently renting.

We cannot schedule a purchase in advance and we cannot automatically convert your rental to a purchase without your confirmation. You must get in touch with us via phone or email to finalise a Rent Try Buy offer.


The following are not included in the amount deducted from the final purchase price;

  • Rental fees paid beyond the initial three months
  • Rental fees paid for additional garments
  • Rental fees paid for extension pieces
  • The purchase of additional garments or extensions
  • Delivery charges

Commonly asked questions:

Will the machine that I purchase with my Rent Try Buy offer be new?

The equipment that you receive with a monthly rental may be brand new or it may be equipment that has been used previously and reprocessed at our medical-grade facility.  The warranty period is the same from the date of purchase for devices purchased through our rent try buy offer as for a standard outright purchase.

If using the Rent Try Buy offer, the discount is only available on the equipment that you are renting. If you rent a device and don’t want to keep that one, it can be returned and a new one purchased, however the Rent Try Buy discount would not apply to the new purchase. 


Can I be guaranteed a new machine?

We do not guarantee new equipment for rentals. We will provide a guarantee on brand new equipment for standard outright purchases only. If you would like a quotation for the purchase of a new device, please contact us on 1300 726 666 or 0800 725 555 or at this address.


Am I able to purchase the machine in instalments?

Unfortunately we do not have the applicable financial credit license to allow for payments for the equipment on an instalment plan beyond our Rent Try Buy offer.


If you have any questions regarding this offer or if there is anything else we can assist you with, please do not hesitate to call us on 1300 726 666 or 0800 725 555.

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