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Cerberus CTC-7 Thermo Compression

CTC-7 is a practical pain relieving device that uses compression and thermo-electric technology to provide heating and cooling compression therapy without the use of ice. The adjustable temperature and compression settings allow health professionals to prescribe specific treatment parameters for maximum healing benefit.

Rent now for effective post-surgical pain and inflammation management.​

The device also has benefits for chronic conditions.
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$300 rental first 2 weeks. $125/wk thereafter.

Iceless operation

Maintains constant temperature

Contrast therapy mode

Private insurance rebates available

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Friendly knowledgeable and efficient delivery
Super quick delivery of device
Fantastic customer service: fast response, professional
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Well worth it
Friendly and efficient service.

CTC-7 Thermo Compression Device​


Cold therapy does not need to numb the skin to be effective. Constant cool temperature is safer and can be used for extended periods.​

CTC-7 Garments​






Always USE ONLY AS DIRECTED and see your healthcare professional if you have concerns regarding your treatment.​

Useful Videos

How to Set up your CTC-7 Device

How to Don your Knee Garment

How to Don your Shoulder Garment

How to Don your Hip Garment

How to Don your Ankle Garment

Useful Links

Resources to assist you on your CTC-7 journey​

Find out more about the CTC-7

Your cheat sheet to setting up your device

Complete these forms with your clinician

Resources for clinicians only


For smaller garments such as the shoulder and ankle – 250mL (filling the device reservoir) is all that is required. For larger garments such as the hip and knee – approximately 450mL (filling the device reservoir and then topping up again back to the max line on initial setup only.

The CTC-7 is designed to not require refilling throughout your rental period if initially set-up correctly. You should only need to refill if accidental spillage has occurred or if emptied prior to moving. If your device is consistently requiring refill, please contact our customer service team.
No, you do not need to stop the device to add more water. It is recommended to fill the device when running.
It is recommended you empty the water out of the device if transporting it elsewhere and you are unable to keep the device upright (i.e. leaving hospital to go home after surgery). This is to ensure there is no spillage. If able to keep the device upright when moving, there is no need to empty it.
Simply open the water reservoir and tip out over the sink.
The CTC-7 comes pre-programmed with standard/typical settings as requested by most therapists and hospitals. Your treating practitioner will indicate whether these settings need to be changed. Please see our video guide or refer to your user manual if you need to adjust settings.
The pressure can be reduced by adjusting settings. It is initially set at maximum (75mmHg) to match standard therapist/hospital protocols, however, can be turned down as required depending on patient tolerance. Please refer to our video guide or your user manual to adjust the pressure.
The device will run continuously until paused, stopped, or switched off if left on the standard 20/20 pre-set timer (or custom run/rest cycle).
The standard settings – 20/20, 6°C, Pressure 4 (75mmHg) – are considered safe for continuous/overnight use for the average consumer. However, you should consult your treating therapist and check the contraindications/precautions prior to extended usage.

A pre-paid/addressed grey postal packet is provided with the CTC-7 bag in one of the side pockets. Simply pack the device and all its components into the bag and place in the postal packet; drop it off at your nearest Australia Post office. You do not need to return your garment. Please note that the device rental is charged weekly and return mid-week will not refund remaining days.

Please return all components of your device including the device, black tubing, and power cord. The single-patient-use garment, water bottles and guides are yours to keep or dispose of.
Yes, please empty the water reservoir when returning the device. Simply open the water reservoir and tip out over the sink.
Yes, you can re-use your garment in future if stored correctly. As there is water inside the bladder, we recommend avoiding storing the garment in a dark or damp place to avoid risk of mould.
Yes, several private health insurance providers cover the cost of the garment ($300) for those with the appropriate cover. We have a one-page information sheet for reference when contacting your insurer. We also have a rebate form that your referring therapist can fill out if required. These can be found on the website.


For smaller garments, this may be due to overfilling (more than 250mL). For larger garments this may indicate the device water reservoir wasn’t sealed. We recommend ‘finger tight’ sealing.

This could be due to a number of factors;

  1. Please make sure the device is filled to the max line when running, if not, pour more water into the reservoir to the max line when running and let it run for a few minutes
  2. Make sure that the connection of clear water tubing that enters the black bladder is not kinked or twisted against your body as this will stop circulation of the water
  3. There may be air trapped in the device due to overtightening of the seal, unscrew the water reservoir lid at the top when running and leave open for 10-15 seconds before sealing – lots of visible bubbles in the water tubes is a sign this may have occurred
  4. The water may simply need some more time to cool down – the water in the device warms to ambient temperatures when not in use meaning on a warmer day it may take 5 – 10 minutes to cool. We recommend leaving the garment open and off to speed this process.
When the device requires additional water (alert prompt on screen) and is filled while in operation, this can occasionally trigger an in-built safety precaution that stops the air compression while the device adjusts to the greater volume of fluid in the garment. If air compression does not resume within 2 minutes, turn the device off at the power, wait one minute and turn back on to reset.

This error can occur due a few issues:

  1. There is a leak from an incorrectly fitted attachment. Make sure the hose, garment and device are all clicked in with no leaks occurring.
  2. Not enough water in the device and garment – check the water reservoir at the back and make sure the device is filled up to the max line while running.
  3. A large discrepancy in the temperature of water poured into the device versus the desired temperature output or temperature of any existing water in the device – if this is the case, the error will resolve as the temperature gets closer to the desired temperature (5-10mins runtime). During this time to silence the alarm, press the central dial button.

Please contact customer service if these steps do not resolve your issue.

This can occur if pockets of air have formed in the device when left unused for a period or if the water reservoir was overtightened. Simply unscrew the reservoir while the device is running and leave for 15 – 20 seconds. If this was the issue you should see several bubbles run through the clear water tubing and the flow increase. Once the bubbles disappear, pour additional water into the device (to max line) if required and reseal the reservoir finger tight.

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