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Perometer to measure leg volume in standing

Perometer LED Scanner

Perometer systems provide a full and precise geometric scan of the body / body parts in as little as three seconds. The data provided by the Perometer is stored and can be analysed and compared to earlier data. It is particularly useful in the assessment and management of conditions involving oedema. Fluid build-up can be precisely localised and temporal changes are documented. All models include the Peroplus software and a single user local database. A variety of analysis methods are available – including comparing to another limb; volume over time; circumference profiles, visual representation or data comparisons etc.

Equip your clinic with the right products that create efficiencies and high quality care.​

Accurate, results in less than a minute

Measures up to 200 circumferences of a limb

Easily track changes over time

Create efficiencies in your clinic

Don't just take our word for it

Excellent service
Great product
Great product and great service. Very happy.
A great clinical tool - Time efficient and reliable
Volume changes can be tracked, only taking minutes of appointment time. The Perometer not only saves me time in clinic but allows for clear documentation for clients and therapists alike.

Operation with a conventional PC allows simple monitoring and analysis of data. From the recorded data, the Perometer software PeroScan creates an interactive 3D representation of the extremity.​

Perometer Models​






Always USE ONLY AS DIRECTED and see your healthcare professional if you have concerns regarding your treatment.​

How does a Perometer work

Perometers work with parallel-acting light curtains made of photosensors and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) with which the limb is illuminated and scanned. The actual measuring unit is installed in the frame, which is pushed over the limb.

If the frame is guided manually over the limb, the diameters and their positions are determined at a short distance along the limb, and two contoured images are automatically taken from two mutually perpendicular sides.

Perometer Software​


Compare volume over time

Compare circumference profiles

Clear recording

Useful Videos

Perometer demonstration by Dr Karen Herbst, care of Total Lipedema Care

Introducing the Perometer 350NT

Useful Links

Resources to assist you on your Perometer journey

Find out more about the Perometer

Your cheat sheet to setting up your pump

Resources for clinicians only


  • Limb volume comparison
  • Volume changes over time
  • Circumference profiles
  • Measuring accurately for garment prescription
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